Help Stop the MJC/Columbia College Strike in Spring 2019!

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Why Would MJC/Columbia College Faculty Strike?

Negotiation Timeline: Where Are We Now?

Why Part Time Faculty Should Stand With Full Time Faculty


What YOU Can Do to PREVENT This Strike! Click below to find out.

-Contact the People Who Can Settle the Contract Now and Avoid a Strike

-Share on Social Media and Make Your Opinion Known

-Make Your Opinions Known in the Media

-Support Your Faculty--Stand With Them Now


In short: we need your voices to be heard loudly and clearly …now.

-We have dedicated three years to negotiations...but the district will not meet us halfway-

Faculty DO NOT want to go on strike in Spring 2019!

Use the email link below to ask us a question about the negotiations/strike avoidance activities. We will point you in the right direction to get the answer, or ask the right people to see if we can get the answer for you.

29th November