Contact the People Who Can Settle the Contract and Avoid a Strike in Spring 2019

Contact the Chancellor and Yosemite Community College District Board Members: Email or call their office/inbox every day and ask them politely to: “Settle the contract.” The more they hear from the public, the more they may pay attention to getting this settled without a strike.

Here is the contact information for the Administrators and Board members of the District. 

Position/Area Represented



(copy and paste these into your email system)




Henry Yong

(209) 575-6509           

Board Member

Area 1 (click for map)

Dr. Lynn Martin


(209) 575-6509

Board Member

Area 2 (click for map)

Don Viss

(209) 874-9473

Board Member

Area 3 (click for map)

Abe Rojas

(209) 985-1601 

Board Member

Area 4 (click for map)

Anne DeMartini


(209) 538-3162

Board Member

Area 5 (click for map)

Darin Gharat
Board Chair

209) 846-2392

Board Member

Area 6 (click for map)

Leslie Beggs
Vice Chair

(209) 575-6509

Board Member

Area 7 (click for map)

Tom Hallinan 

(209) 575-6509 

MJC President Steve Collins     (209) 575-6069
Columbia College President

Santanu Bandyopadhyay  (209) 588-5115

Sourced from, and directories.

18th November