The District-Approved Salaries Mean MJC/Columbia College Faculty Salaries Buy Less Every Year...

The information here comes from the faculty union (YFA) presentation given during the two days of Fact-Finding meetings, held September 17-18, 2018.

In the 9 years from 2009 to 2018, faculty have only had two raises (page 4 of the union presentation).

The District has offered a 2% increase per year over 3 years (6% total). When this is added to the other pay increases, it means that faculty pay will have increased 13% over a 10-year period, which is an average increase in salary of 1.3% per year. 

Compare that to the fact that living in both Stanislaus County and Toulumne County has become more expensive....increasing by 2.6% per year on average.

Even with the District's offer of 6% over three years, MJC/Columbia salaries will still significantly lag behind the cost of living in our region. Salaries will be behind by 13%. And that calculation is with current data...not even counting possible future increases in inflation.

History of MJC Faculty Raises

2009-2010: 0% increase

2010-2011: 0% increase

2011:2012: 0% increase

2012-2013: 0% increase

2013-2014: 2% increase

2014-2015: 0% increase

2015-2016: 5% increase

2016-2017: 0% increase

2017-2018: 0% increase

2018-2019: 6% increase (proposed increase over three years; 2% per year)

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25th October