Faculty FAQs--What You Need to Know from YFA in Abbreviated Form. 

--United We Bargain, Divided We Beg--

FAQS-Unfair Labor Practices Strike Information

1. What happens to online classes during the Unfair Labor Practices Strike.

Canvas shells remain open for Unfair Labor Practices Strike, but faculty cannot access the shells or email, etc.

FAQs-Possible Spring 2019 Post-Impasse Strike

1. How to Legally Communicate with Students About the Negotiations and Possible Strike

Anything you give to students (i.e., flyers) regarding the strike needs to be done outside of class.  If we are asked questions in-class, then we can make quick, short answers.  We can also send email to our students through Canvas at home or in our offices.  HOWEVER, we need to be careful not to be spending a large portion of our class activities (including email) on the strike. We are best to post information on our websites and simply direct students to go there and print them out themselves or share with other students, community members, etc.

If students want to talk to us outside of class (e.g., in our offices), then that is fine, too.  Be careful about utilizing too much in-class time (and class resources, such as our Canvas email) devoted to the strike.  Instead, we answer the questions quickly, direct the students to the appropriate websites, and move on.

Email off YCCD

The YFA off site email account now has 500 members.  The cap is around 700 for all faculty.  If you have not yet provided your off campus private email to YFA please go to the YFA site and fill out the email form linked on the home page. 

What if a Strike is Imminent IN SPRING?

-All online course materials must stop. Canvas, MML homework/quizzes…..if you have auto load dates for assignments change them to be “unassigned” so they do not auto load. 

-All materials posted online for any class stays frozen and cannot be removed.

-Do not log in at all to YCCD email, Canvas, or MML after freezing the materials.  This means if the call comes to strike you must be ready to immediately shut everything down. Check your phone/tablet to be sure it will not automatically log you into your email.

-If you have a FB page set up for your class, do not post or log in or look at it.

-If you are friends with students on your personal  FB page you may still engage about any topics you’d like (including the strike) but you may not discuss anything about the class (except in terms of how classes in general are affected by the strike)

-Expect that you will not have access to your office. 

-Anything purchased by YCCD or Grants should be left in your office. Laptops, computers, tablets, calculators………all personal content should be removed.

Faculty Do’s and Don’ts

-Do respect your colleagues’ right to strike or not strike.

-Do ask those that choose not to strike to please not undermine the cause by teaching classes other than their own.  No one can be forced to work extra hours over what they are now assigned. 

-Don’t use personal leave or sick leave during the strike.  If you get sick or have a personal emergency during the strike do not submit a claim for sick leave or personal leave. 

Rumor Control: Just the Facts...

You cannot be fired or reprimanded, nor can you face any retaliation for striking.

Anyone who is hired on a temporary basis can only be paid what is in the Last Best Final Offer.  They cannot be offered any more money than this as a bribe. 

No one can be forced to work more hours than what they are currently working.

If you do not strike you may be reassigned to other duties within your faculty service area.

If you do not strike but still want to support the cause you may exercise your first amendment right of free speech after you have performed your work obligations.  This means you may still picket and protest after your work is done.

If you have a question not answered here, please send an email to us!

The email link is at the bottom of this page. We will pass along NEW questions to YFA and post answers when available.

18th November