Faculty Know that Larger Class Sizes Hurt Students

All of the facts below come from the faculty union presentation given during the fact-finding meetings held on September 17-18, 2018. This report talks about the offers the YCCD (District) has made to faculty and the faculty responses. The parts about class sizes can be found HERE.  The entire union presentation can be found HERE.

  1. Larger class sizes hurt students. 
  2. Some classes will not transfer if the number of students is increased.
  3. If the District's proposal goes through, the District will make decisions about class size without faculty having a say. Faculty work with students every day; administrators do not.  Faculty should help make these decisions.
  4. The District previously agreed to a 40-student maximum class size but then increased it to 45-students.  By giving a worse offer, the administration has shown they are not using “good faith bargaining,” as they claim.  
  5. Faculty would have to wait 4 semesters before getting a chance to challenge a larger class size. Faculty should be listened to long before 4 semesters worth of students have been harmed.
25th October