The Faculty Union's Student FAQs, abbreviated!

How would a strike impact classes, graduation, and program requirements?

In 97 years, MJC has never had a strike (other than the 2-day Unfair Labor Practices strike, which was limited in time), so these very important questions must be asked of the District. Worst case scenarios for Spring 2019 include classes being cancelled for so long that students lose their units (partially or fully) and may need to repeat their current courses once the strike is settled. See the next item...take action and ask the administration how to solve these problems.

Are you transferring after Spring 2019? Do you have Financial Aid? Are you in TRIO or EOPS?

If you are wondering about whether your classes will transfer after a strike, if your financial aid will continue, if you will be able to graduate, or if your support services will continue, you should contact the appropriate administrative office at your college (i.e., Financial Aid, Transfer Center, Admissions and Records, etc.). You can find contact information for these offices on the MJC or Columbia College websites (see below). If you still have questions after speaking with the administrative office, please contact your college President.

MJC Transfer Center:

MJC Admissions:

MJC Financial Aid:



MJC President

CC President and Columbia College Website

Remember that faculty are completely committed to settling the contract without a strike, but in the possible scenario that we are forced to do so, then take action to ensure your transfer to your four-year school and protect your financial aid or other support services.

Is compromise possible to avoid a faculty strike?

Yes! Faculty are more than willing to compromise and negotiate, and we are hoping that with the help of our community, students, and faculty, the District will finally budge and offer a fair contract to avoid a strike.

Could faculty accept the current offer and negotiate improvements later?

No. Faculty have been without a contract for nearly 3 years. We cannot allow the District to increase class sizes and continue to pay faculty less than other college professors in our area.

Why is this District doing this?

We do not know why the District is risking the education of our students and destroying faculty morale. The money is there and since there is no evidence to suggest increasing class sizes is beneficial for students, we are puzzled by their stance.

Will the District try to cover our classes?

The District has tried to assure students that they will cover classes, but we have no idea how they will be able to cover 2,100 sections with qualified substitute professors (is that even a thing?) who hold Master's Degrees and/or PhDs in their respective fields. That seems impossible and the District should be more honest and specific with students about their strike plan.

If the strike settles, will classes be made up?

The District and the Faculty union may be able to negotiate make-up classes once the strike is settled, but we cannot say for sure until we have a contract.

How can I help?

Write to the YCCD Board, the Chancellor, and the College Presidents. Wear red on Wednesdays. Stay engaged via Facebook (YCCD Strike page). Student voices are the most powerful voices in the District. Make sure your voice is heard.

If you have a question not answered here, please send an email to us!

The email link is at the bottom of this page. We will pass along NEW questions to YFA and post answers when available.

29th November