Why Part Time Faculty Should Stand With Full Time Faculty

United We Bargain, Divided We Beg


Recent Information about how YFA Supports Adjunct Faculty (November 13, 2018)

Does YFA advocate for and protect the rights of adjunct faculty who do NOT pay full membership fees, as do full-time faculty?



The following message is from the YFA President and was sent to all faculty on October 12, 2018.

Why should part-time faculty support and participate in a potential faculty strike?

YFA has---and will continue---to advocate for part-time faculty. 

YFA stands with you.  We hope you stand with us.

  • Larger salaries for full-time faculty equal larger salaries for part-time faculty.  The two salary schedules are linked.  With a settled contract, it will become part of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).


  • Wage parity.  YFA has fought hard to improve the wage parity.  We are currently at 49% even though the contract has had a goal of 70% for a very long time.  We've made little progress here, but it isn't for lack of trying.  The District needs to agree and they've demonstrated no interest.  But YFA will continue to fight for improved wage parity.


  • Mileage reimbursement.  If we get this contract settled, you can definitely thank YFA for this one.  The District didn't want to budge on this but we found State law that required them to do so.  With a settled contract, it will also be part of our CBA.


  • Reemployment preferences.  SB1379 became State law in October of 2017 when Governor Brown signed it.  However, YFA was advocating for this about a year before we even knew about SB1379.  The District still didn't want to help part-time faculty on this one, but YFA was able to get language in to provide some protection that the YCCD didn't originally want.  With a settled contract, this will also be part of our CBA.


  • Paid office hours YFA has advocated for this for a long time.  We FINALLY got the District to agree to do a joint study with YFA which would result in paid office hours for part-time faculty.  It won't result in increased paychecks when this contract is settled, but it will when the next contract is settled.  This isn't as big of a "win" as YFA wanted, but the tide has finally turned on this one.


  • Class size This affects everyone whether you are part-time or full-time.  And with the current wage you receive, having the District unilaterally increase your class size with NO input from faculty is pouring salt in the wound.  YFA is fighting for ALL faculty on this one, include our part-time colleagues.


  • Benefits YFA advocated for partial medical benefits for part-time faculty OR the cash equivalent.  We didn't get an agreement, but we fought hard for this.  As you may recall, we presented this information at a YFA General Faculty Meeting in Oakdale.


  • Life insurance.  This was the result of a request by the MJC part-time faculty representative on the YFA Rep Council, Professor Bill Holly.  YFA advocated for this and was able to get this language as part of the final contract once this is settled.


  • Due process and Weingarten Rights YFA has advocated for improvements to Article 39 regarding Due Process for ALL faculty, including part-timer faculty.  We have hit a roadblock with the District, but have not given up on this process.  Nevertheless, YFA has aggressively defended and represented part-time faculty who needed our support during investigations, including expending considerable YFA officer time and resources as well seeking legal counsel.
29th November