Faculty Salaries-Why We Care

If you were looking for a job teaching, where would YOU apply to FIRST? 

At colleges within 34 to 50 miles of Modesto, a typical MJC faculty member who has been here 18 years would earn:

  1. $19,356 a year more if they worked at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton.
  2. $14,792 more a year at Las Positas College in Livermore.
  3.  $2,616 more a year at Merced College.

As compared to the MJC faculty salaries.

A person looking for a faculty position in our area would start at about the same amount of money at MJC or San Joaquin Delta College or Las Positas.  But reaching that "six-figure" income takes much longer at MJC than at other nearby colleges.

1. It takes 13 years at Las Positas

2. It takes 13 years at San Joaquin Delta 

3. It currently takes 28 years at MJC.  The new proposal would still have it take 17 years (pages 270-271, Exhibit 11 of Union fact finding report).

That means even with the new proposal, a faculty member would make almost 1 million dollars more over the course of their lifetime by working at Las Positas  ($978,365) and almost $300,000 more by working at San Joaquin Delta College (page 268 , Exhibit 11 of Union fact finding report).

Our college will not get first pick of the best new faculty moving to our area.  Students of all ages in Modesto deserve the very best teachers and the salaries the District is offering us will not attract them. 

25th October